Tuesday, 3 December 2013

I live!

Well for the majority of you that are unaware of the fact, I'm not dead...so far as I know anyway. Questions of purgatory and a ground-hog day like effect aside, I'm back on WoW!.

This post is mainly just to say hey I'm back and let anyone that reads the blog know that I won't be fully returning to the gold scene until later in Pandaria.  I want to get my infrastructure set up again before WoD comes out but I'm too busy with college to devote enough time to gold making for it to be worthwhile. Seeing as I'm still sitting at around 1.2 million gold I'm not in a dire need to build up capital for the next expansion.

Currently my only plans for the auction house are to sell off all my mid to high level crafting materials before they become worthless, all the low level materials I'm going to transfer to one of my storage guild banks for safe keeping so that I can trickle them back onto the auction house when prices come back up a few months into WoD.

Now when I say build up infrastructure for the next expansion I mean it in a big way.  Recently my server was merged with (incomprehensible mumbling) and my grand scheme is to make 8-10 bank alts on the other server, each with their own guild, including as many level 25 guilds as I can purchase for a reasonable price.
Additionally to that I'm going to restructure the professions on my current characters for more efficient crafting / distribution of professions (I still have 3 herbalists....*shudder*) Hopefully ending up with

5 x Alchemist
1 x Blacksmith, Jewelcrafter, Enchanter, Inscriptionist, Leatherworker, Engineer, Tailor

This leaves me with 10 free slots to fill as more information about crafting, gear and the economic state in general of WoD is revealed.

All other plans are trade secrets for now, thanks for reading the quick rant.