Saturday, 13 July 2013

Seven digits!

Gold Cap

Gold Cap baby!  It took just under 3 months since I started seriously making cash, and I've finally broke the milestone!  Now theres only one thing to do - see how much of it I can spend before next week rolls around.  I'd like to give thanks to everyone from the gold making IRC channel that motivated me at the beginning and got me to set up the blog (which has helped keep me on track more than you'd think), and also thanks to all my friends that I exploited for cheap materials.  Now to buy myself a well deserved present and walk around popping up a trade window with people on an alt and putting 750k up before running off giggling.

A final thanks to anyone whose followed me since I was a gold making neophyte, I hope to keep continue entertaining you with my ramblings for a long time to come.



  1. Congratz, I'm glad you are excited about it. For me it seemed quite anticlimactic. It was this goal that I was working towards and then it just blah, take a screen shot and just move on to the next sell.

    1. Well I admit most of it may have been relief that I finally got that out of the way ;]

  2. Grats, I would have hit it too by now, but I've been spending a lot stockpiling for 5.4, that and my server is dead.

  3. Awesome job, man! Save me a seat at the top. :)