Friday, 14 June 2013

Weekly Gold Report 14/06/2013

Been a fun week for me so far, 2 days without power not withstanding, so here's the weekly totals:

Current Balances:
Bank Balance - 700,000g
Altoholic total gold - 53,400g
Incoming AH gold - 127g

Grand Total: 753,527g

Well I launched my secret project this week and got great reception on it, making around 20k profit on it so far which made up for the days I missed with the power outages (ah the WoWCrack withdrawl..).
Tomorrow I'll have a post out on that, but until then it still remains a secret.

Now on to the big topic for this week - the 5.4 patch notes.  I've been wracking my brains trying to come up with a good modus operandi for preparing for 5.4 but everything comes with a risk.  Generally I've been stockpiling windwool, ghost iron, trillium, magnificent hides, living steel, serpent's eyes and imperial silk.  According to the patch notes there will not only be new pvp crafted armor, but potentially crafted rings as well, and I'm sure anyone that's been around for a while remembers the crafted dreadful boom;  Additionally there will be new daily cd's for all the gear crafting professions including:

Balanced Trillium Ingot:  Costs 1 Trillium Bar
Hardened Magnificent Hide:  Costs 2 Magnificent Hide
Celestial Cloth: Costs 10 Bolts of Windwool

From what I can see crafted malevolent will be using the same materials as crafted dreadful, additionally there seems to be crafted malevolent rings, though no materials are listed, and crafted trinkets are listed along side them, which means it may be temporary / placeholder.  Don't take my advice as infallible but I'd start getting a nice heaping pile of raw materials and gems.

Next on the agenda is Virtual Realms, for those of you on high population servers this is a bit of a side note, but if you're on a med-low population server like I am..... well frankly it scares the crap out of me.   On the one hand I want to get a giant stock ready for 5.4, as I thought I was prepared for 5.3 which was the first content patch that I'd been doing anything but casually selling for, but I ended up almost running out of stock in the first 2 days and having to scramble to get materials to keep up with demand. On the other hand with Virtual Realms I could have purchased an item at 100g and find out that it's only worth 50g after the server merge.  Prices will likely be jumpy for a good week or two before things settle down after 5.4, with maybe a half dozen different servers all used to paying different prices, the high population server players will grab all the cheap items thinking they're getting a good deal, where as the people used to paying a low price will scoff at the low population server prices.

My advice is to watch any announcements from Blizzard related to Virtual Realms like a hawk and IMMEDIATELY start researching if/when they announce what realms will be merged.  Take a look on TUJ and see what the historical prices for the other servers items are.  If your server usually has 20 of an item up for 100g each and a server you're merging with has a average stock of 300 at 20g each, you'll find the value of your stock dropping threw the floor overnight.

Step 2 of watching the announcements: Go hog wild!  Once you know what servers your merging with and have a general idea if the impending price changes buy EVERYTHING you can get your hands on.  Big content patches will always see absolutely massive demand for the first few days, and with Virtual Realms even sleepy smaller sized servers will see a huge amount of sales.

My personal plans in preparation for 5.4 are to:
A. Gather lots of raw materials and magnificent hide to make crafted malevolent
B. Craft a ton of potions / flasks then turn all 5 of my alchemists to transmute mastery. I've set aside 2 stacks of every blue quality gem for if epic gems are announced (considering we've had epic gem transmutations for the last 2 expansions), and in the mean time I'll be pumping out a ton of living steel as I assume the new plate gear will still use it in addition to balanced trillium.
C. Cut a stack of every high demand gem, and keep at least 100 raw gems in reserve to restock as needed (sans blue gems).
D. Do the same as C with enchants.
E. Do as much research as possible ahead of time to take immediate advantage of any disparities in the merged realms.
F. Sit through 16 hours of extended server maintenance due to launch difficulties on Blizzards side.

Anyway I'll have more advice up as it comes along, and a post on my secret project up tomorrow, enjoy the weekend all.


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  1. Awesome comments on Virtual Realms. I have much the same feelings.