Friday, 7 June 2013

Weekly Gold Report 07/06/2013

Lots to talk about (and I can't think of any intro ramblings) so lets get right into the totals and then on to what I've been up to this week.

Current Balances:
Bank Balance - 600,000g
Altoholic total gold - 38,240
Incoming AH gold - 1560g

Grand Total: 639,800g

So I started off the week in a grand way and bought a lvl 25 guild.  I caught the seller on their first trade spam and, having a need for a bank guild with high level perks, immediately whispered them asking to take a look.  After doing a quick appraisal of the guild by eye I came to a price of around 28k, with the cost of its 7 bank tabs being 19,350g and another 9k or so in miscellaneous lower level materials and patterns, with a few jewels tossed in (half a stack of trillium bars and two Arcanite Champion patterns anyone?).  The 28k appraised value made me prepare to drop up to around 40k with the guilds 25 levels being taken in to account.

A good rule before purchasing a guild is to check it's log and make sure that the GM's account hasn't been compromised.  After checking the guilds log I started chatting up the GM and seeing what the story behind the guilds decline was, as I remembered them from back in early Cata but couldn't remember hearing the guilds name in almost a year.  While the GM was telling the sad story of the guilds slow decline, they mentioned that they were looking to get around 9-15k for it.  Jackpot.  After weighing my options I decided that I'd like to try for a low price, but didn't want to scare off an opportunity like this, as if I started raising my price the seller would have leverage on me.  I offered 13.5k and winced as I anticipated the coming bartering - only to have her readily accept the price and agree to a 2/3 before 1/3 after deal.  Two trades for 9 and 4.5 grand later and I was the proud owner of a slightly less than brand spanking new guild.

For those of you keeping track this brings my total guild banks up to 3, which prompted me to also take this week to re-structure my set up for selling / storage.  My monk and rogue drew the shorts sticks to become the GM's of the additional guild banks and as a result my selling structure now goes as follows.

Lvl 2 Guild - 6 Tabs
GM: Warrior
Sells: All enchants / greater inscriptions / gems / item enhancement / wellfeds/ high-tier items
Stores: All the mentioned above + high end materials and a personal trash dump for items I keep telling myself I'll use in the future.

Lvl 1 Guild - 6 Tabs
GM: Rogue
Sells: Transmog
Stores: Surplus low level materials + transmog

Lvl 25 guild - 7 Tabs
GM: Monk
Sells: My little secret
Stores: Also my little secret

I godda say, having a designated transmog selling character has made my life a lot easier, especially as I was getting up to around 400 pieces of transmog if I include all my doubles.  The lvl 25 guild is going to be the storage for my project I've been working on, and as I said last week I'm going to be keeping quiet about it until I have everything set up.

Basically I have 2 selling guilds, 1 major storage guild and 1 surplus storage guild.  Restructuring this way should give me plenty of room to expand into more markets and keep everything uncluttered as I continue to gain market share.  I started making 5k a day, then jumped to 10k, now I'm inching my way to a 20k a day average and hope to keep on climbing.  With the increased need for stock and storage this will bring I think I'm now in fairly good shape for the next month or two, however I plan to acquire a second level 25 guild when the opportunity arises.

That's all for this week folks, as always enjoy the weekend!


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  1. Good job on your guild purchase. I spent a good deal more for my lvl 25. Well worth the investment though.