Friday, 24 May 2013

Weekly Gold Report 24/05/2013: Getting close

What else need I say about this week? 5.3 made my mailbox explode from the sheer amount of sales on Tuesday and sales have been up ever since.

Current Balances:
Bank Balance - 430,000g
Altoholic total gold - 41,150g
Incoming AH gold - 2370g

Grand Total: 473,520g

Getting close to the half mil mark.  A second week of a 100k+ increase in liquid gold isn't half bad, especially considering the amount of purchases I made this week.  According to TSM I've spent 30,000g in purchases, and that doesn't count the personal trades I did, which I mentioned in the previous post where I bought out most of a larger guilds gem supply for 29k.  A day later I had the GM of the guild ask if I'd be interested in going through their guild bank and buying anything else interesting, which I of course had no qualms about.  After getting an alt into the guild and getting full access to the bank, sans withdrawls, I went through and split all the items in every tab into 3 groups:  Interested in buying, keep/not interest, and vendor trash.  I ended up appraising everything very conservatively (taking the price I'd like pay and dropping 25-50%) and ending up with a price tag of 3200g, then told the GM "Well looking at it I'd like to pay 3200g for the lot, so lets say 3400g" I think he appreciated me going through and sorting the rest of the bank for him as he readily agreed to the price.  The items I got from the deal were mostly odds and ends that I don't usually sell but thought I could get a good price for or put to good use, additionally there was 2 uber blues and a few pieces of transmog.

Back to purchases / sales, seeing as I've bought 30k in items, + 32.4k in unrecorded trades that means I had around 162,400g in sales this week, that's a lot of merchandise.  Considering I've had such a good week I think it's time for another Flips of the Week! (And it's not just cause I feel guilty about forgetting it last week.)

Flips of the Week
Item - Buy Price / Sell Price
Lionheart Blade, Reborn - 120g/3750g
Tiny Green Carp - 75g/ 4275g
Recipe: Flask of the Titans - 3g/ 750g (tad low resale)
Grakl's Gleaming Talisman - 150g/ 3500g
Scalebreaker Axe x 2 - 100g/ 1750g ea
Porter's Tooth Marked Mace - 50g / 2250g
Silver-Thread Armor - 3g / 750g

Going to have a new post out tomorrow if I'm not dead after work, have a great weekend all.


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