Saturday, 18 May 2013

Competition at it's finest...

Recently an on again off again gem market poster had been showing up again, one of my friends that used to work the gem market before I started gold making had told me horror stories about what she'd whispered him on occasion.  About a half hour ago she whispered me and I got to have the first hand experience.  I'm not one to spread hate against people so the person in question will be referred to as "Bubbles".

I'm too tired to screenshot / blot out all the names at the moment but I just find this too hilarious to believe, so I'll copy / paste the conversation.

*posting auctions*

Bubbles: Really, have you been a jcer for long… rule # 1 Never under cut the biggest bitch on the server while they are still in AH and online

Me: not sure whether to chuckle or facepalm at that one

Bubbles: well sweetie I have been around since the dawn of time

Bubbles: I am one of the Orig jcers

Me: mannerisms imply the dawn of time is closer to early 2000's, but carry on

Bubbles: DIVA was my former name

*ignored bubbles before she gets on a rant*

*5 mins pass till i get wsp'd by an alt*

Bubbles2: OMG Seriously you place me on Ignore lol this should be a blast now a gold capped toon who has been around since noha built the arc versus well you lol happy hunger games, may the odds forever be in your favour

Me: you really logged over for that -.-?

Bubbles2: IGNORED

*Bubbles2 logs off*

Sometimes there's competition that's fun to talk too or match wits with, other times they're a pleasure to work with or compete against.   Then there's competition that makes you wonder if humanity will last past the next generation or two...


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  1. Really enjoyed reading this conversation, thanks for sharing it!